Stop being embarrassed when you forget names and faces.

Memory Expert with Five Degrees, Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Reveals Her Method to Help You Become Social Savvy and Smarter

New Patent–Pending Proven Step–by–Step Method to Help YOU Accurately Remember and Describe Any Face Seen After a Glance

Our research shows improvement of personal face recognition skills by a minimum of 87% and an average of 165% after only an hour of specialized training

Men, imagine you're on a beach in the heat of the summer. A woman who most people would rate a perfect 10 walks by you and you're taken aback. You can't seem to help it but your eyes are locked onto her until she is out of sight. (Women, imagine this scenario is changed to a man who's a perfect 10.)

Back to reality, time goes on and you take care of the picnic details for your party group. No one else walks by in the meantime.

About 10 minutes later, a woman approaches your picnic group. "I'm here to survey people's face recognition skills. Can you describe anyone who may have walked by in the last 10 minutes?" she asks.

What do you say?

Can you accurately describe what the person looked like? Now if your eyes locked onto this person for quite awhile, shouldn't you be able to describe a lot more details than what you usually would?

If you're like most people, you won't be able to describe what this person's face looked like well enough to get a true picture of her looks.

This situation goes far beyond hormones. Recalling a face in detail and describing it is a problem in our society!

What if you were in a situation where you HAD TO memorize a face for whatever reason? How well would you do?

Learning how to do it after the fact doesn't help at the time of need. In fact, it hurts your chance to be accurate.

Let's say you have a reasonably good ability to memorize and describe a face. What's your limit? A few dozen faces? If you had to point out someone who's a criminal, how accurate would you be? Studies show only 10% accuracy!

The good news is that by reading the book, Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces, your skills will quickly surpass face recognition skills of greater than 90% of the population while learning how to remember names too. It opens up a whole new world to you – the world of faces ...and it's fun to learn!

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Million Dollar Memory(MDM) for Names & Faces prepares you for when:

  • you have to quickly learn a lot of names and faces at one time for your job or for personal reasons. You know that remembering names and faces is essential for a good foundation for personal relationships. It impresses people and makes others think of you as a smart person. This can only help you in ALL your future endeavors.
  • you have to remember a name and face for a client that you haven't seen for quite awhile. You'll be amazed at how the name "snaps" into your mind and comes out of your mouth!
  • you're trying to find someone in a crowd, like at an airport, ballgame, or concert and that person has changed their look – maybe they've gained or lost weight, changed their hairstyle, or aged several years. These "disguises" can fool even the best of the general population, but they won't fool you! My specialized face recognition training allows you to "see through" each and every disguise. It's incorporated into the technique.

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Proof that We Have to Enhance Our Skills

Law enforcement tells us that very few of us can trust our observation and recognition skills without training. At accident or crime scenes, ten different witnesses will tell ten different stories about what happened and a sketch artist will end up drawing ten different sketches of what a perpetrator looked like.

You can imagine how this leads to mistakes in crime scene investigation. It's understandable when "they got the wrong guy!" because they didn't have the right information from the start!

In my research for developing my patent–pending technique of remembering and describing a face after just a glance, found in the book, Million Dollar Memory (MDM) for Names & Faces, I discovered that almost everyone thinks that they have an excellent ability to remember and recognize a face seen, but when tested, the average number of facial characteristics recalled was a paisley total of 4!

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Maximum Learning in Minimal Time

With specialized training found in Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces though, they vastly improved their scores to 11! And you should have heard them describe a face – they used language that would be able to pinpoint a person in a crowd of a hundred or more.

You see, the standard ways of describing people – height, weight, color of hair and eyes – aren't good enough! We're more sophisticated than that and we need the language to match our sophistication.

With the MDM5 Method of Face Recognition(5–step method), you'll be able to accurately remember and describe a face and it's very easy to learn. My years of experience teaching graduate students how to memorize highly technical information accelerates your skills to a level never experienced before by even those with the best face recognition skills.

Sure, you'll have to do a little reading and look at photos of really interesting faces, but this new science isn't rocket science. In fact, we're training children this weekend!

And once you add this highly specialized method to your current face recognition ability, your skills are upgraded for life. It's similar to riding a bicycle – learn it once and it's with you forever.

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Forgetting a name and face can make us feel embarrassed and inadequate. Mistaking a face for another, mistaken identity, can create problems with our friends and colleagues or create situations where we endanger our children. The problem gives credence to what a lot of attorneys and judges say about us as eyewitnesses – that we're not reliable.

The inability to remember and describe a face makes it a lot harder for us to find missing persons whose faces are shown on the news. We want to help but our skills just aren't good enough. The missing person slips through the cracks and often ends up as an unsolved mystery case.

MDM for Names & Faces has additional benefits. It prepares you to be safe when:

  • you're out socially and meet some new people, but something doesn't seem right about a few of them. You want to remember their faces long enough to make sure their faces aren't on your city's list of wanted criminals
  • you happen to observe a crime or suspicious situation and want to relay the information to authorities so that it can be taken care of. Your knowledge and skill can make you look like a superhero here!
  • you check the attorney general's website and find out there are 14 known sexual predators in your area. You want to remember who they are when you're out grocery shopping. You know there's no reason to put your family at risk from lack of knowledge.

As you can see, learning this technique not only helps you in your personal and business life; it also keeps you safe from predators!

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What You Get By Reading MDM for Names & Faces:

  • Benefits that last a lifetime.
  • The MDM 5 Method of Face Recognition that gives you the power to memorize and describe a face accurately – at a high skill level better than 99% of the population.
  • The additional skill to accurately recognize a face through aging, hairstyle and weight changes.
  • Time–tested methods to remember names. After just the first chapter, you'll see an improvement in your ability and by the end of the book, you won't forget a name again .
  • Dozens of memory tips for everyday living , such as how to find your keys, turn off lights and the oven, remember appointments, where you left things, birthdays, anniversaries, and more…
  • An overall improvement in your general memory skills and your speed of learning new information.
  • How to use memory to better your relationships and sex life.
  • Even the ability to tell animals apart… a helpful skill that makes you look smart to your friends with pets (and shows you care).
  • Exceptional observation skills that allow an opportunity to enter a whole new world of faces, fun and safety.
  • The ability to age progress a face, good for those who want superior observation skills to help find missing children.
  • A method that can be used to develop a better connection to your intuition and the knowledge of how to apply that to your own life to get ahead on the job, improve personal relationships and stay safe.
  • Insider tips on how criminals set up victims and what drives them from our crime expert, Detective Sergeant George Wick (ret) – valuable safety information that can one day save your life .
  • The how–to guide for safety in different situations including at home, on the job, walking to your car and while traveling and fashion for safety.
  • The knowledge needed to prevent criminals from taking advantage of you while equipping you with skills to fight back and make a difference in many situations.

"I promise measurable results with each and every chapter that you read! Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces will affect your life positively in numerous ways. You'll be more than impressed, you'll be grateful."

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  Dr. Donna

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"Experience and Confidence"

"Dr. Donna speaks with tons of experience and confidence... Well after our event, clients are still coming in and asking 'for what she recommended. I want to get it..' They took everything she said as gold. My manager at the other location said, 'Let's get her back!'"
—Brent Crowl, Manager, Sunrise Natural Foods, Roseville, CA

"Babies absolutely love looking at faces! As we grow up, many of us lose this desire. You can get it back in the next hour..."

—Dr. Donna

"Dramatic Improvement After Short–Term Memory Loss"

"Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces, by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, is the most insightful and best–researched book I have ever seen on the topic of memory.  As the survivor of a nearly fatal car collision, I have suffered with short–term memory loss for seven years.  These proven, yet profoundly simple ideas and strategies have dramatically improved my memory, thus dramatically improving my life.  I highly recommend it."

—Hal Elrod, America"s Empowerment Coach, author, Taking LIFE Head On!

"Exceeding My Past Ability By Far"

"I remembered 22 names and faces today and only missed 2, something I could never have done before on my own! One thing is that when you asked me the names of the criminals and their crime, I knew that I knew them cold. Those two I missed – I knew I didn't connect them in my mind. I know what I don't know and what I do know. It's a type of confidence I never had before. This will definitely help me in my job on the force."

—Police Officer, Sacramento, CA

"Don't Want to Stop Learning"

"As a consultant and speaker on leadership and personal success, I know the importance of remembering faces and names. Dr. Donna has hit the mark with her book, Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces. It blends the much needed skill of remembering names and faces with learning skills and the fun of really looking at facial features. As you read the book, I think you will find that it's hard to put down — there's just so much to learn. I have seen immediate results after utilizing the skills taught through this book. We can all learn more from Dr. Donna!"

—Rick Barnes, TX

"I Did It! Success in Remembering Names!"

"I went to an event this past weekend that involved about 20 people, and guess what?  I remembered all but two names!!  One person in attendance was surprised I remembered her name, stating that 'people tend to only remember my name when I have on a name tag.' 

Big improvement from before!  In the past, I forgot a name before I even walked away from the individual. I'm impressed."

—Rolanda Reed, Sacramento, CA

"Not Embarrassed Anymore"

"Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces has opened my eyes to awareness of my surroundings and how important it is to remember names and faces of guests who have been on my TV shows. Since I produce several shows, it's hard to remember the guests because once a show is finished, we move on to the next one. I've had people come up to me and say 'Don't you remember me?' not once but several times, who have been guests on my TV shows but now I find it very easy to put the names with the faces. Now, after reading the book, I still recall faces after a long period of time. I couldn't remember anyone before. They looked familiar but I couldn't place them. I recommend the general public reads it, especially anyone who has trouble remembering names and faces."

—Ron Williams, TV Show Producer/Director

"665 Students Are No Problem Anymore"

"I am a Music Teacher in a public elementary school. My students are in grades Kindergarten thru 6th grade, and I teach all 665 of them! Needless to say, it is very difficult to remember the names of all those students! I find myself calling a student by his brother's name, or calling a student by the name of the person who sits next to them. It's even worse when they go on to junior high, come back to visit their former teachers, and ask me, 'Do you remember me?' and then to see if I really do remember, 'What's my name?' I usually say something like, 'Well, you poor thing, you don't remember your own name?' to cover the fact that I can't remember their name. Trying to associate student names with where they sit in class does not help, since teachers rearrange students about once a month.

The techniques in Dr. Donna's book are excellent to help solve this problem for myself and for many other teachers like me. I heartily recommend it to everyone!"

—Mary Jo S., Cary, IL

"Helped My Business"

"Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces has really helped me with my health club business. It's amazing how easy it is for me to remember names and faces now. Again, not only are you beautiful, but smart as well."

—Rick Carlson, Sacramento, CA

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"Whenever you walk into a room, you have everything you need to be a miniature CSI staff. Be confident!"

—Dr. Donna